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Gaeng lieng seasoning


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Gaeng lieng is Thai food from north of country. Gaeng lieng have taste of salty,sour,a little bit spicy and can be sweet taste from vegetable.

Prepare-Pumkin,Thai basil,Mushroom,Baby sweet corn,Shallots,Shrimps cooked,Luffa(Carrot and Green hatch)

-Put water 2 cups in the pot then tear Gaeng lieng seasoning bag mix with water and boil wait for water remove to heat then add Pumkin,Mushroom,Baby sweet corn,Shallots,Shrimps cooked,Luffa(Carrot, Green hatch)  wathc out for Pumkin are not to much melts if every vegetables are cooked put Thai basil. Just that you can have easy Gaeng lieng.

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